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howlingcerberus's Journal

13 February
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Well, my name on here is going to be Howler. I have been able to write book lenght stories, and my dream job is to be an author. I love to look over other writers work and see how the other writer writes.I'm female, and rather being running bare-foot in the yard chasing dogs and family members, then to go shopping. I'm sorry, if that offends other girls, but that is just not me.

I am the youngest in my family, the baby. My family is the very definition of eccentric. Trust me, I have more relatives than I can count and some I've never even met. I need cheat sheets at family reunions >_<. I have 16 step-, half-, and foster-siblings and counting my cousins... whoa, my head hurts!!

My personality is fun-loving, kind animal lover, and violent at times. I can be very protective over my special people. Friends, family and others close to my heart.

Well, that is all you people need to know about me. So thanks for reading my profile/page. Hope you enjoyed it.

Peace Out,